Sirui Pro QR Plates

The SIRUI Arca-type Pro Quick Release Plate model TY-50, TY-60 and TY-70 are designed for generic purpose. Each features a rubberized surface for a more secure connection. The two red buttons, when raised, add a secondary security measure to prevent the camera or the lens from slipping off the plate, especially when it is tilted at an angle.

Model TY-D3 is specifically designed for the Nikon D3 camera.

Model TY-D700 is specifically designed for the Nikon D700 camera.

Model TY-5D II is specifically designed for the Canon 5D Mark II camera.

Every SIRUI Pro Quick Release Plate has a 1/4"-20 camera screw. It is compatible with other Arca-type quick release systems, such as Acratech, Foba, Graff, and Wimberley.

Model Material Length Width Height Camera Type
mm mm mm g
TY-50 Aluminium 50 39 10.8 31.4 Any
TY-60 Aluminium 60 49 10.8 39.4 Any
TY-70 Aluminium 70 39 10.8 37.2 Any
TY-D3 Aluminium 66 69.7 14.6 47.7 Nikon D3/D3s/D3X
TY-D700 Aluminium 60 44.2 10.8 31.5 Nikon D700
TY-5DII Aluminium 48 45.5 11 28.5 Canon 5D II


TY-50 TY-D3
TY-50 TY-D3
TY-60 TY-D700
TY-60 TY-D700