Markins Quick Shoes

Available either screw-knob style or lever-release style.

  • Made of the highest quality duralumin. It is very durable but light in weight. Surface is hard-anodized to increase the resistance to the scratches.
  • All the corners and edges are rounded by super-finishing barreling method for the extra-safety from incidental injuries to the photographer's hand and camera bags.
  • Dove-tail type quick shoe can be interchangeably used with any Arca-Swiss type camera plates. The extra-long Markins camera plate is useful for secondary holding of longer lenses, and can also be used for macro-photography.
  • Bi-directional camera plates are also available for further versatility.

Screw-Knob Style feature:

  • Easy-to-use, captive knob stops at the maximum opening.
  • Knob won't come off and get lost.
  • Locking knob is easily locked or released only by 1 to 1/2 turns.
  • Stopping bolt in the quick shoe further prevents from accidental sliding-off of the camera-lens.

Lever-Release Style Features:

  • Easy Opening and Closing: The quickshoe opens/closes fully in one quick lever action even with hand with glove on.
  • Adjustable Clamping Distance (Patented): The clamping distance is user-adjustable by turning the adjustment screw for plates larger than Markins standard such as Kirk or RRS.
    • Note: Markins recommends lever style release only if one has plates from single maker.
  • Convertible Lever Arm Position (Patented): The lever arm is convertible to either left or right hand position for one's own convenience.
  • Protected Lever Cam Mechanism (Patented): The lever cam mechanism is embedded inside of the quickshoe, which vastly reduces the chance that the lever mechanism could be damaged by accidental impact.
  • Compact Design: The lever arm stays compact either opened or closed position.
Model Release Style Jaw Length Width (Closed) Width (Open) Height Weight
QR-48S Screw-Knob 48 mm 76 mm 82 mm 15 mm 78 g
QL-48 Lever 48 71 mm 75 mm 15 mm 81 g
QL-60 Lever 60 mm 71 mm 75 mm 15 mm 98 g