VALLERRET Gloves - Ipsoot

The IPSOOT photography glove is a heavier duty glove providing extra protection against the elements when those temperatures drop.The “Ipsoot”...

VALLERRET Gloves - Markhof Pro

The ‘Markhof Pro Model’, designed for adventurous outdoor Photographers with inspiration by Landscape photographer and Vallerret Team Shooter, Simon Markhof.Flip...

VALLERRET Gloves - W's Nordic

Ladies you are in for a treat with the Women’s Nordic! Everything involved in creating a great photography glove, packaged...

VALLERRET Gloves - Merino Liner Touch

We love merino, now optimised for your touch screen!Natures best weapon against the cold we have designed a liner to...

GO Greens Bamboo Gloves

A 100% biodegradable, Green all purpose coated work glove that is reusable and washable Made from Bamboo Fibers GO Greens...
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