KUPO 090 Click Stand 9 feet

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KUPO 090 Click Stand 9 feet

Studio Equipment

Kupo Grip

KUPO 090 Click Stand 9 feet

Studio Equipment

KUPO 090 Click Stand 9 feet

  • $155.00

  • Four way interconnectivity with a simple click.
  • Removable central column.
  • Aluminum brake castings for strength and safety.
  • Double leg struts for maximum stability. 
  • Bi-color injection molded knobs for a positive locking ergonomic grip.

Product Attribute

In addition to the clever interlocking mechanism that allows the stands to be linked to another in just a snap, KUPO CLICK STANDS also features a detachable central pole which can be easily removed from base and used as a boom stick. Ideal for mobile lighting on location so that you can go anywhere and position the light in any way you need. The innovative central pole spring locking design equipped in the side of pole which allows effortless twist-to-lock the pole inside the base. The central pole will be locked firmly until the spring release button is pressed.

More features:

1. Aluminum die-casting riser and stainless heli-coil insert provides a durable thread hole.

2. Aluminum die-casting knob with stainless steel bolt for a long-lasting clamping operation.

3. A sizable brake shoe to ensure positive lock off.

4. Assembled by nuts & bolts instead of fixed rivets for easier maintenance and tightness.



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