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SIRUI T-005X and T-004X tripods have a stylish, colorful appearance that makes them look like works of art! The SIRUI T-005X and T-004X Aluminum series tripods come in Blue, Red...

SIRUI T-005X and T-004X tripods have a stylish, colorful appearance that makes them look like works of art! The SIRUI T-005X and T-004X Aluminum series tripods come in Blue, Red or Black, weigh only 0.8 kg/1.8 lb.(0.9 kg/2 lb. for the T-004X) and hold up to 4 kg/8.8lb (6 kg/13.2 lb. for T-025X/T-004X)! The SIRUI T-025X and T-024X tripod gets its light weight - only 0.7 kg/1.5 lb., increased load capacity (6 kg/13.2 lb.), impressive stability and reduced vibration characteristics from its 8 layer 100% Carbon Fiber legs.


T-005X Tripod

  • Ultra-compact (only 31 cm/12.2 in. when folded) 
  • Removable center column allows for table top use, macro and low angle shooting 
  • Legs fold up 180° for extra compactness 
  • Forged for greater strength and reduced weight 
  • For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism 
  • 3 leg angle positions for uneven terrain 
  • Belt clip/hook on the bottom of the tripod can also hold a weight bag for increased stability!
C-10S Ball Head
  • Separate control knobs for panning and locking, for fast easy operation. 
  • Dual safety lock mechanism prevents the camera from accidentally sliding off of the platform. 
  • SIRUI's unique locking mechanism provides superior locking performance and load capacity. 
  • Compact design for Series 0 and Series 1 tripods. 
  • Rugged metal locking knob offers a wear-resistant surface and a solid grip. 
  • Precision built to provide smooth, vibration-free movement. 
  • Available in black, red or blue. All versions have anodized surfaces that provide excellent resistance to scratches and corrosion. 
  • The SIRUI T-0X Series Tripod Kit is specially designed for today's compact point and shoot digital cameras, 4/3Mirrorless cameras, compact DSLRs and camcorders. 

The SIRUI T-0X's compact size when folded is up to 20% smaller than other similar style tripods. There's always room for one of these tiny wonders in your bag or backpack! Even though they're lightweight and compact, T-004X/024X tripods can still extend to over 139 cm (54.7 in.) - perfect for most shooting situations.

The SIRUI T-005X/025X has a removable center column that allows you to place the ball head directly onto the spider. To guarantee long life, the attachment point for the center column is corrosion-resistant brass. This converts the SIRUI T-005X/025X into a convenient table-top tripod, plus, when you set the legs to the widest angle, you can get as close as 105 mm (4.1 in.) to the ground!

The SIRUI T-004X/024X has an adjustablecenter column that moves up and down for fast and easy height adjustment.The included short center column lets you get as close as 125 mm (4.9 inches) to the ground. The larger spider provides increased stability.

The 3 leg angle positions are easy to adjust and provide maximum flexibility and control on uneven terrain. The 1/2 turn leg locks make setup and breakdown fast and easy. Precision manufacturing lets you effortlessly open and close the legs and provides impressive stability.

Like the professional line of SIRUI tripods, there is no compromise in quality. Aluminum alloy parts are high temperature forged for maximum strength and SIRUI's custom anodized surface treatment insures superior wear and corrosion resistance.

The SIRUI T-0X tripod kit includes the SIRUI C-10S - a high quality compact ball head that perfectly compliments the tripod. The ball head has an anodized surface that provides excellent resistance to scratches and corrosion. It comes in 3 colors that match SIRUI T-005X/004X tripods. The rugged SIRUI C-10S Ball Head has separate knobs for panning and main lock for added control and creativity. The SIRUI C-10S Ball Head has an Arca-compatible Quick Release plate system for total flexibility and includes a SIRUI Quick Release Plate. 


Product Model: T-005X
Material: Aluminium
Sections: 5
Max Dia (mm/inch): 22/0.9
Min Dia (mm/inch): 10/0.4
Min Hgt (mm/inch): 105/4.1
Max Hgt (mm/inch): 1155/45.5
Max Hgt Ext. (mm/inch): 1305/51.4
Retracted Hgt (mm/inch): 535/21.1
Folded Hgt (mm/inch): 310/12.2
Weight (kg/lb): 0.7/1.8
Load (kg/lb): 4/8.8

Product Model: C-10S
Diameter (mm/inch): 29/1.1
Height (mm/inch): 88/3.5
Weight (kg/lb): 0.22/0.5
Load (kg/lb): 13/28.7

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