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If you're a traveling photographer, a big problem is having a tripod when you need it! That's why SIRUI created the SIRUI T-X Series of tripods. SIRUI T-X Series tripods...

If you're a traveling photographer, a big problem is having a tripod when you need it! That's why SIRUI created the SIRUI T-X Series of tripods. SIRUI T-X Series tripods are our most compact, full-size tripods and were specifically designed with the traveler in mind. 

T-2004XL Tripod

  • The ideal tripod for travelers - full-sized, but folds down small. 
  • XL series provides additional height. 
  • Legs fold up 180° for extra compactness. 
  • The center column can be inverted for angle shots. 
  • For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism. 
  • Short center column is supplied for low angle or macro shooting. 
  • 3 position leg angle for uneven terrain. 
  • Retractable spiked feet for outdoor photography. 

E-20 Ball Head

  • Separate adjustment knobs for panning and main locking for maximum control and flexibility. 
  • Bubble level for fast horizontal alignment. 
  • SIRUI's unique locking mechanism provides unequaled locking force even with loads up to 12kg (26.5lb.)! 
  • Rugged metal locking knob offers a wear-resistant surface, solid grip. 
  • Precision built to provide smooth, vibration-free movement.

For easy storage and transport, SIRUI T-X tripods can fold as small as 35cm (13.8in.) - about the size of a 2L water bottle - and weigh as little as 0.9kg (2 lb.)!! But don't let their compact size fool you! They can handle heavy loads! You can easily fit a SIRUI T-X tripod into a backpack, camera bag or carry-on luggage! You no longer have the excuse that you didn't bring a tripod """"because it's too big!!""""

The SIRUI TX Series tripod has a uniquely designed leg mechanism that lets you to flip the legs up 180°. This allows the tripod to be folded significantly smaller than comparably sized tripods with conventional leg designs. Simply depress the leg angle lock and invert the legs 180°. An added advantage is that you can keep a ball head on the tripod and it will still fit in the compact case. In the rare case that the SIRUI T-X Series is too light, simply hang a heavy bag from the spring-loaded hook underneath the tripod, for added stability.

The new SIRUI T-XL tripod kits offer you increased maximum height - up to 162.5 cm/64 in. tall - while still folding small enough to fit in your suitcase or carry-on luggage. Includes an E-Series Ball Head and Arca-compatible Quick Release Plate.

When you want to shoot low to the ground or at unusual angles, you can remove the center column and replace it with the short center column (included). By adjusting the legs to any of the 3 leg angle positions, you can get as close as 125mm (4.9in.) to the ground! You can also invert the center column and shoot from underneath the tripod!


Product Model: T-2004XL
Material: Aluminum
Sections: 4
Max Dia (mm/inch): 28/1.1
Min Dia (mm/inch): 19/0.7
Min Hgt (mm/inch): 145/5.7
Max Hgt (mm/inch): 1360/53.5
Max Hgt Ext.(mm/inch): 1625/64
Retracted Hgt (mm/inch): 540/21.3
Folded Hgt (mm/inch): 470/18.5
Weight (kg/lb): 1.7/3.7
Load (kg/lb): 15/33.1

Product Model: E-20
Diameter (mm/inch): 36/1.4
Height (mm/inch): 100/3.9
Weight (kg/lb): 0.36/0.8
Load (kg/lb): 12/26.5

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